Lawnside Club Awards $14,000 in Scholarships

2018classphotoMembers of the 2018 Graduating Class were honored at the Lawnside Scholarship Club’s Salute to Seniors at Tavistock Country Club, June 2, 2018. Photo by Thomas Hill

Four students who earned the highest averages lead the class of 2018 who were honored by the Lawnside Scholarship Club at its June 2 Jazz Brunch and Salute to Graduating Seniors.

The highest ranking student, all graduates of Haddon Heights High School, are:
Sydney Davis
Savon Taylor
Naim Sabir
Anaya Menoken

Elizabeth Jones Academic Excellence Award – for any student with a GPA of 93 or better, $1,000 – Sydney Davis
Lawnside Scholarship Club Creative & Performing Arts Award – student pursuing higher education and outstanding, well rounded, in the field of Music, $100 – Naim Sabir
Linese Miller Award – student showing outstanding leadership & initiative, $250 * – Sydney Davis
Reach for the Stars – Damier Corbin, Kenny Wright, Deontray Parham

Dorothea Carter Memorial Award – student needing financial assistance for college, $500 – C’ani Lewis
Lawnside Parent Teacher Organization – two unsung heroes, one female and one male at $50 each.  Male – Muhammed Qadar; Female – C’ani Lewis
Dr. Theodore Johnson Award – excellence in attendance over four years, $300 – Jaylen Green
Dr.  & Mrs. William Young Award – student pursuing higher education with highest average in Social Science, $100 – Sydney Davis
Edna Jay Sports Award – student outstanding in sports, $100  – Jared Latane
Helen Mae Henderson Nursing Award – student entering health field, $50 * – Amanee Nuriddin-Lee
Madge Mitchell Math Award – student outstanding in math, $250 – Jaylen Green
Melody Moss Walcott Award – student entering law, $100  – C’ani Lewis
Amos and Roxie Rogers Memorial Award – student pursuing a career in cosmetology or barbering, If there is no student entering neither of these fields, then a student entering another vocation. $100 – Cyerra Bean
Ephraim J. & Mary C. Still Award – student showing most improvement in four years, $300* – Deontray Parham
Edna Harper Service Award – student displaying good citizenship/service, $150 – Richon Hightower
Joy M. Harper Award – student pursuing a degree in the field of Education, $100 – Anaya Menoken
Henry Long Memorial Award – student excelling in Computer Science, $200 – Niam Sabir
Masjid Freehaven Model Citizen Award – service-oriented student with spotless disciplinary record (not necessarily at top of class; exhibits highest moral character), $200 – Jaylen Green
Curtis and Lula Moss Activity Award – student who participated in the most school activities (no service points or academic standing to be considered), $50 – Sydney Davis
Raymond G. Davis, Jr. Memorial Award – student who perseveres to the end (not necessarily at top of class), $150 – Cyerra Bean
Magnificent Seven Award – student with best average in four years of English, $150 – Sydney Davis
Sonia Farmer Character Award – student displaying outstanding character, $500 – Richon Hightower
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wise Dependability Award – dependable student, punctuality traits, (not attendance) not necessarily with the highest average, $100 – Tyrese Wiggins
Dr. & Mrs. Cecil Still Chemistry Award – outstanding student entering science or medical field, $300  – Jaylen Green
Steve Israel Awards – student outstanding in sports, $500; unsung hero, $500
Sports: Jared Latane      Unsung Hero: Savon Taylor
I.R. & Anna J. Bryant Award – student outstanding in Accounting or Business, $100  – Jared Latane
Leon N. Williams Law Award – student pursuing a career in law, $100 – Manajah Harmon
Walter A. Gaines Natural Science Award – student pursuing higher education with highest average in Natural Science, $100 – Sydney Davis
Rick Williams Health Service Award – student pursuing a career in the field of Healthcare, $100 – Amanee Nuriddin-Lee
Dwight and Yvonne Anderson Award – Two students graduating with the most improved grades in their senior year, $100 each. – Franzira Lambert, Laurice Parham
William Travis Creative Arts Award – one student per year interested in Visual Arts, Theater Arts (acting or production), Dance and Music. $500 – Muhammed Qadar

Note: Awards with * are given at Haddon Heights High School commencement in June.